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Moving virtual machines to Cloud

Moving virtual machines to Cloud

Why Choose Techies for Cloud Servers and Virtualization?

Techies is widely recognized as one of the leading cloud migration and solution providers.

We hold Microsoft Partner Status.

Why Choose Techies for Cloud Servers and Virtualization?

Streamline and consolidate all information systems into a single secure solution

Why Choose Techies for Cloud Servers and Virtualization?

Improve application speed, performance and security

Why Choose Techies for Cloud Servers and Virtualization?

Reduce costs associated with hosting critical business applications on site

Why Choose Techies for Cloud Servers and Virtualization?

Maintain control and flexibility

Our Process

Multiple data centres in across Europe to ensure maximum availability and minimum downtime.

Azure provides scalable, durable cloud storage, backup and recovery solutions for any data, big and small. It works with the infrastructure you already have to cost-effectively enhance your business continuity strategy. It also provides the storage required by your cloud applications, including: unstructured text or binary data, such as video, audio and images.

Server Deployment and Upgrades

Deploy new servers or virtual machines within your onsite data centre or in Microsoft Azure

Cloud Connectivity

Securely extend your onsite Active Directory (AD) environment to Azure AD with Virtual Private Networking (VPN) connectivity

Onsite Exchange and Mail Migration

Deploy Exchange 2013 and seamlessly migrate from your existing email solution

Cloud Migration

Move servers and virtual machines to Microsoft Azure for maximum flexibility, security, resilience and anywhere access

Data Protection

Protect your data with Microsoft System Centre Data Protection Manager workloads for your standard or advanced servers


Assess the server to be moved


Design the best migration based on your needs


Schedule and manage the

migration downtime


Migrate the VM to

the new on-site server


Test accessibility and

functionality of the VM

Azure Cloud Servers

Techies solutions are designed to make it dramatically faster and easier to move the contents of your server to new hardware in the Cloud and to maximize your existing server(s) as you grow.

Techies Microsoft Hosted Cloud is ideal for customers looking to reduce their IT footprint, or who do not want to invest in on-site servers and infrastructure. It provides servers, storage and networking devices hosted in the Microsoft Cloud, with the ability to increase or reduce resources as your needs fluctuate. You retain control over the application and the resources, but the ‘hardware’ is provided and managed by Microsoft, making it tremendously cost-effective.

Your Techies Azure Cloud can be based in the location nearest to you – to improve speed of access. And with built-in geo-redundancy, your data is replicated to.

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