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 Cyber Criminals Are Taking Aim At SMEs

Cyber Criminals Are Taking Aim At SMEs

As long as there are emails to be mailed and loopholes in network security, there will be cyber criminals who try to breach your network and exploit your business. Today, every SME must constantly look for ways to continually protect their data, including and especially, their email systems. As we know, cyber threats come from both inside and outside sources, but a majority of the time, it’s typically the criminals outside that have their targets set on what’s within.

We have been using the Email Laundry for the past few years for email filtering (incoming and outgoing). It's stopped a flood of spam and virus emails and taken the load off our internal email server. Support is quick and professional, any queries we had they dealt with them promptly. Would highly recommend them to other companies looking for email filtering.”  - Michael (Education, 501-1000 Employees)

Let the Email Laundry’s Big Data Analysis &

Threat Intelligence Expertise Make Your Email Safe

The Email Laundry combines its industry leading cloud email reputation scoring with sophisticated dynamic malware analysis, real-time threat intelligence and automated threat response to enable organizations to more effectively detect and block these both targeted and general attacks. It’s more than spam filtering.

The Email Laundry has taken enormous amounts of raw network data and converted it into meaningful information that’s then used to take proactive measures in successfully protecting your company’s email network, 24x7x365.

Simply contact us, and within minutes, the Email Laundry begins protecting, and will continually protect, your email and network from cybercriminal activity.

We’d like to add, not only does The Email Laundry catch and prevent antivirus and malware from reaching your network / inbox, but The Email Laundry actually uses that same high-level big data information to assess the changing risks occurring on the Internet, as they happen. Essentially predicting the probability of future attacks and thwarting them before they can even emerge as real problems for you.

Need proof? We’re one of 2016’s highest rated email threat intelligence companies among the 6 million IT Pros that trust Spiceworks; a preeminent, international network of IT professionals within every area of the information technology industry.

  • EMPLOYS A TEAM OF INDUSTRY LEADING threat intelligence experts and big data analysts that work together continuously, making your mail safe, 24x7x365.
  • UTILIZES PASSIVE NETWORK PROTECTION by forcing TLS encryption on the line, we protect your network from idle scans and attacks designed to listen in on traffic traveling (wiretap) through the network.
  • ESTABLISHES ACTIVE NETWORK PROTECTION with multiple directional rate limiters in place, we also guard your network from threats designed to disrupt and overload your network’s normal functionality such as DoS, DDoS, command executed database attacks and numerous others.
  • ENGAGES PREDICTIVE THREAT INTELLIGENCE that effectively identifies and stops probable threat campaigns before they even happen.
  • PERFORMS IN-HOUSE BIG DATA ANALYSIS to obtain pre-exploit indicators that disable the effective ability of advanced threats before they are developed.

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